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10" 250mm ST99M digital angle level measuring instrument 0-270 degree horizontal vertical inspection tool ruler

  • 1.Measuring angle range:0°~270°,
  • 2.Measuring precision:±0.3°
  • 3.Increase/decrease angle:0.1°
  • 4.3 in 1 With its horizontal and vertical bubble level
  • 5.Length:10 inch(250mm)
  • 6.Automatically shut off after five minutes
  • 7.Working temperature:-10℃~+50℃
  • 8.LCD display.
  • 9.Material: Stainless steel
  • 10.Battery:9V6F22
10" ST99M digital angle level measuring instrument 
0-270 degree horizontal vertical inspection tool ruler
ST99M Angle Level

It is a digital angle msasuring deice whichs read is more easier and exact than other acal
indicated angla leval. If in mainly intended for applications which involve lineation for woodworkers,
measure and definition of the exact angles such as trays, sloping roofs and handrails. It also can be
used as spirit evel quickly measure the horizontal and vertical angle.
ST99M Digital Angle Level
1, Easily readable LCD display shows the exact argle at once
2, Automatically shut off after five minutes to prolong the batteries life.
3, Backlight des gn: keep its normal use on dark light,
4, Data holding funcin Help the users effecively note Ihe ang e ow power Alarm
6. Mechanical lock: Keep the angle invariable in the process of line or measure the angle
7. Measuring range: 0-20".Tha value of the angle increases or decreases in the steps of 0. 1
  when open or close the angle.
10 inch Digital Angle Level
1.1 Switch on the angle level.
1.2 Unfold the arm of the angle level, the opening angle increases or decreases on LCD
display in the steps of 0.1
1.3 Adopt the comparativa method to measure ts angle or set the lineation angle.
1.4 You can faston the Lock utton to koen tho anglo Invariable when drawing tho anglo lino
1.5 Open the backlight when the beam is dark.
1.5 Open the Holding switch which can help users reliably note the measuring data.
2. Spin: leval Func: on quickly meaaure the horizontal and vertical degree.
Angle level for woodworkers
1. Length:10”(2Bmm
2. Measuring angle range: 0 -270
3. Increase/decrease angle: 0. 1
4. Automatically shut off after five minutes
5. Measuring precision: +0.5
6. Working temperalure:-10℃ー+50℃
7. Battery: 9V6F22

N.W.:7.5 kg /  G.W.:8.5kg    
Carton size: 52*34*28 cm
270 degree Angle level
1. Do nol randorm move the screws and cornponents. 
2. Please handle your angls meter with cara, use even etrength to rotate tha Ratate Arm, and 
do not use too much strength 
3. Dont keep the backlight open for a long time. 
4. when the low power Alarm con appears on the display. please change the battering soon 
5, Do not et it tell on the floor strong y. 


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