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Complain about vacation travel too many? In fact, the Americans are also very sad

  • Autor:selectech
  • Quelle:http://news.sina.com.cn/
  • Lassen Sie auf:2017-09-29
Overseas China September 29th China is about to usher in the long-awaited National Day, Mid-Autumn Festival double super 8 days long holiday, many students have been tempted to want to go out to play the heart. However, the National Tourism Administration data center on the " double Golden Week " will usher in the forecast of 710 million tourists, so that some small partners decided to "still lying at home."

But in the holiday travel troublesome people on this matter, we are not alone, " New York Times " life version of the 28 issue of a complaint is full of people's articles, a full Tucao 2000 words only reluctantly ending.

Tucao point one: the park bus is packed like the subway toilet bearing capacity has reached the limit

The rocky coasts, mobile deserts and meandering canyons of 59 national parks in the United States have been the destination for American holidays in centuries. But the number of visitors to the national park has been to an unprecedented level, which makes a lot of people disappointed, but also to many environmentalists worried about the flow of people with great consequences. According to the National Park Service (National Park Service) statistics, in 2016, the national park system to record a record 3.31 million passengers trips. This year's figure may be higher. Just in August, traffic reached 40 million people.
In the Zion National Park in the southwestern part of Utah, the shuttle is crowded and sweaty people like a subway car. The self-timer clogs the path through the passport - this slit-type canyon is one of the park's most famous attractions. On the east side of the park, the iconic " zigzag " angel came down the top of the trail, and some of the signs on the mobile toilet read: "The capacity of these toilets has reached the limit due to excessive use.

Tucao point two: management to discuss how to face a large number of tourists will eventually become a "group therapy"

Zion is one of the most popular national parks in the United States and is particularly prone to crowded because many of its most popular attractions are located in a narrow 6-mile long canyon. In 2016, the park's number of tourists was about 4.3 million, 60% higher than a decade ago. Tourists and nature are suffering.
The National Parks Administration team in Burns is considering an appointment system, saying that some of the vacationers have been planning for months for the holidays and are trapped in a sea of ​​people and only one day House. In the face of frustrating chaos, the park administrator began a regular meeting every month to discuss the issue of "tourist use" - according to some people, this case has become a group therapy.