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Focus on new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic (2019-nCoV) ,We supply handheld infrared thermometer

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  • Relâchez le:2020-03-03
Focus on new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic (2019-nCoV)
The current outbreak of new "2019-nCoV", WHO's risk assessment of this outbreak shows that the risk of new coronavirus pneumonia in China is "very high", and currently about 90% of cases occur in Hubei province. Due to effective management and control measures, the situation in other provinces has basically been controlled, and there have been continuous "0" situations, but the precautionary measures are still very strict. But at the same time 2019-nCoV is spreading all over the world, which is disturbing. There are also high risks at the regional and global levels.
The WHO has some information on the new "2019-nCoV". Tan Desai said that the virus caused milder symptoms in most of the infected people, but 25% of the patients had already reported severe symptoms.

WHO also learned that most of the deaths were originally caused by hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc. These diseases weakened their immune systems.
In the face of an outbreak, we recommend:
1. Be sure to wear a mask when going out
2. Wash your hands and face frequently, and avoid going to crowded places
3. Symptoms such as fever appear. Seek medical examinations as soon as possible. Do not carry them as a common cold.
4. Remind parents and friends to be careful not to say "all right"
5. Go to the livestock and poultry market less and don't touch wild animals

In daily life and work, it is a necessary means to detect the temperature of all people. To avoid direct contact, an infrared thermometer is the best choice.
We have a very compact handheld infrared thermometer with a measurement accuracy of 0.1 degrees Celsius. Welcome to inquire.

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