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Today published global 500 supercomputer, Tianhe-2 "six consecutive"

  • Author:DD
  • Release on:2015-11-18

The 45th 500 supercomputers in the world ranking today officially announced, the Chinese "Tianhe-2" the fifth consecutive ranked first.
Supercomputer is defined by the thousands or more processors, can calculate large and complex issue ordinary computer and server computer that can not be completed. As a "modern science and technology brains", supercomputers have become solving major engineering and scientific problems difficult to replace the tool.

Tianhe-2 has entered a stable phase applications, is offering ultra-high capacity compute acceleration of all walks of life, the system itself is no longer anything, performance or maximum 33.83PFlops (quadrillion floating-point calculations).


In fact, the Tianhe-2 continue to win and is not necessarily a good thing, because for reasons of economy, technology and other areas, today's top super operator has entered a period of stagnation. Perhaps because China's Supercomputer building a more rational, and no longer blindly launched a new project. 

The top ten, five sets of United States, China, Japan, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Germany each set. Use Intel Xeon Phi accelerated program sets (1/7), using two NVIDIA GPU acceleration program (2/6).