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American standard amazon alexa smart wifi usb wallplate plastic outlet covers with led light

  • Author:Selectech
  • Release on:2018-03-21
AC / USB wall outlets with WIFI LED cover - Convenient and power-efficient in-wall solutions for powering and recharging USB devices.
Designed for standard 15A/20A circuits in homes and other living spaces.

Smart design 
Wall socket dual USB chargers use advanced technology to provide the most efficient charging for each device.
The USB port is controlled by a smart chip that recognizes the charging requirements of each unique device and optimizes the current to reduce charging time.
This allows users to spend less time waiting for the device to charge and more time enjoying them. The USB port is type A 2.0, with a combined power of 4.8 amps.
The USB charger duplex socket has two high power ports and is ideal for charging tablets and other high performance portable devices.