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Small "wisdom" headed: intelligent robot handyman to help you pour tea

  • Author:stevehu
  • Source:http://www.chinanews.com
  • Release on:2017-02-23
  According to foreign media reports, in recent years, artificial intelligence technology by leaps and bounds, feeling intelligent robots began to grab the human job. Prior to the Alpha dog in the chess world beat the world champion, for the history of artificial intelligence to write a brilliant. Now, intelligent robots began to work in a number of industries.

  Recently, the French researchers on the new research and development of a smart robot handyman Pyrene, and its test. Brokers, as the name suggests, is to help people do housework. Estimated tea pouring, cleaning these trivia, for it, are a piece of cake.
  Some scholars estimate that 20 years the robot will replace 47% of human work, will lead to millions of people unemployed. For example, the taxi driver will be replaced by Google's autopilot, the huge robot arm will be excluded from the Amazon warehouse logistics staff.