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Rainly Season in China

  • Author:Ellen Hu
  • Source:www.electronic-supplier.com
  • Release on:2015-05-21
Every year in April and May,it is so many rain in the most of the citys in china. Now it's the time for so many rain. In Shenzhen in the week we are face rainly weather. The weather is like children's face. Sometime it looks sunny and people feel very hot, but suddendy in 5 mintues,it becomes gloomy day. Then the dark clouds densely cover, the following,we hear thunder continue and see lightning. Sometimes with strong wind blowing. The situation is terrible.In the suddendy in the state of strong rain and wind,some street is flooded.The bus and car have to stop to wait. Some cars and buses don't stop in time,they rush into the water. So they had to climb out of the car to escape. And in that time so many kindly people and police come here to help them.

In the difficult time,Althoug we don't go out of office,but we are working hard in the office. We still are release our humidity and temperature sensor&transmitter on our selectech web site,our delivery clerks are shipping our universal travel adapters to our korea customer. Our engineer are focusing on R&D our new digital laser distance meter with bubble level. Everyone are busying ourself whatever how bad the weather is..