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Solution for Avoilding Telephone Cord Twist and Mess

  • Author:Ellen
  • Source:www.electronic-supplier
  • Release on:2015-05-18
Althoug now most people have mobile phone,and always use mobile phone to make the calling,explore,chatting.. But sometime we still love to use telephone to chat and contact. After all it's more convenience and less radiation to our health. And special for our busiess,office,we all more like to use telephone.

Yes,After we use telephone,we hope to see tidy and clear desk and telephone. But when we're glad to use telephone,we suprise to find our telephone handset twist and mess. At the moment,your pleasure mood become upset. Noboday like seeing mess telephone cord twist on telephone handset. Then how should we do? 

Our Promotional Telephone Wire Untangler. The ultimate solution for twisted telephone cord problems. Using it on telephone handset,To avoid handset mess and twis and improve the working efficiency and desk tidy. 360 degrees rotation due to superior functional design. Novel design with customer Logo printing,it's also added value for business gifts. 

Various color and packing available. You can choose favorite color to match your telephone. It will bring your colorful and pleasure life.  Welcome to know more,contact with us!