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Your position : Home > News > Technology Sharing > CES is coming, the future of new car technology is here

CES is coming, the future of new car technology is here

Selectech 2019-01-09 17:56:55

In recent years, CES (Consumer Electronics Show) consumer electronics exhibition has gradually become the most important exhibition event for auto manufacturers after the auto show. The reason is that the automotive industry is facing profound changes. The development of driverless technology, vehicle networking technology and automotive electronics technology is leading the transformation and upgrading of the entire automotive industry. The development path behind the upgrade is often the first in the consumer electronics industry, and then applied to the car.
What new technologies will be available at 2019CES?

● 5G technology to bring more imagination to the car
5G communication technology will undoubtedly become the core of this CES. 5G will directly affect the experience of the in-vehicle multimedia system and the initial human-machine interconnection experience.
The current self-driving cars are still using the sensors and the processor of the vehicle itself for calculation. When the 5G is popular, due to its ultra-low network delay and ultra-high transmission speed, many computing processes can be put down. In the cloud. At the same time, high-precision map information, real-time traffic information and other vehicle information can all be interactively processed in the cloud and transmitted to the vehicle at almost no delay. In this way, the sensor, processor and memory of the vehicle itself can be greatly simplified or even eliminated, which will bring about cost reduction and reliability improvement.

●Smart Internet upgrade makes driving more comfortable and safe
By recognizing a person's senses and improving the driving experience of the car, this makes the vehicle not just a driving tool, but an upgrade to a car that knows you better. The in-depth exploration of this field has deepened the interaction between cars and people. In the future, when the driverless models are gradually commercialized, the emotional interaction function will help improve the driving experience. It is foreseeable that in the future, when consumers decide which car to buy, it is not limited to vehicle performance, and a good car experience will become an important indicator of decision-making.

●Automatic driving upgrade Travel mode will be changed
In the automotive sector, auto companies are driving new directions as a new direction of exploration. At present, models with L1 and L2 levels have been unveiled, and models equipped with L3, L4 and even L5 have entered the planning of car companies. As the vehicle is more automated, the car is no longer just a means of transportation, it will carry and be given more meaning. Even changing our lifestyle.

● Mass production of "black technology" makes cars more imaginative
In the future, it will be possible to have a foldable screen in the car. Because the space inside the car is limited, the foldable screen can save the most space. At the same time, where it is not possible to lay out the screen, it is possible to arrange a foldable flexible screen. For example, the seat back, center armrest, roof and other curved surfaces will all be covered by a foldable flexible screen.

● Summary
As a global consumer electronics show, CES has gathered a variety of high-tech. Each CES has its core key technologies. From the current information, AI+ autopilot is likely to become the main theme of this CES.

The two industries that have not been much associated with consumer electronics and automobiles are becoming more and more closely integrated. The various black technologies we see today in the consumer electronics industry are likely to be applied to cars in the next 3-5 years, completely changing the way people travel and improving people's travel efficiency. With the mysterious veil of 2019CES being unveiled step by step, let us expect that the major manufacturers will bring more high-tech and bring more imagination to the future.

--Selectech Electronics