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Apple meeting face recognition is oval market value of 21.6 billion yuan evaporation

  • Author:selectech
  • Source:http://news.sina.com.cn/
  • Release on:2017-09-14
Beijing morning, Apple 10 years "the biggest change" products iPhone X and the other four products released. But after the meeting, Apple shares fell, the day closing price of 160.86 US dollars, down 0.4%. Apple's total market capitalization of about $ 830 billion, calculated as evaporation of 3.3 billion US dollars a day (about 21.6 billion yuan).

"Face recognition" is Oolong, stock prices fell

Beijing time on the morning of September 13, Apple Apple Park in the new headquarters of the Jobs Park held a new autumn conference, released the iPhone8, iPhone8Plus, iPhone X, Apple Watch and Apple TV.

Apple CEO Tim Cook at the conference said iPhone X is "since the first generation of iPhone since the biggest leap." The biggest addition to the product in addition to the full screen, is the use of face recognition technology.

However, the scene has appeared Oolong, Apple vice president Craig Federico for face recognition function demonstration, the first time to identify the accident failed. In the video broadcast can be seen on the big screen phone appears "Please enter the digital password to unlock Face ID" message. Craig Federico's second recognition was successful.

Although Apple said the new technology to identify the error rate of less than one millionth, and only when the user staring at the phone will be unlocked. But the scene of the meeting, the face of the failure to unlock the demonstration, the scene was very embarrassing.

During the conference, Apple shares began to shock, followed by a straight line down. The opening price of $ 162.74, the local time about 15:00 stock price once hit the lowest point of $ 158.78, as of the close, Apple shares fell $ 0.68 to close at 160.82 US dollars, down 0.42%. Apple's market value of about $ 830 billion, less than before the release of 3.309 billion US dollars.