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National Day Tiananmen Square flower program announced outstanding welcome nineteen elements

  • Author:selectech
  • Source:http://news.sina.com.cn/
  • Release on:2017-09-19
Legal News Evening News • News reporter learned from the program, this year's National Day, Tiananmen Square Center will be arranged "blessing the motherland" giant flower basket, east and west Chang'an Street will be placed in seven groups of flower beds. In order to meet the party's victory in the 19th, along the Chang'an Street along the East Side, Xicheng, Chaoyang, Haidian and Shijingshan and other areas, will also be combined with the actual area and the 19 deputies resident set a total of more than 40 flower beds, 8 million square meters.

Today, the flower beds will be put into operation, the square and all the flower beds along Chang'an Street will be completed around 25 days. In order to protect the landscape effect during the Ninth Congress, the flower beds will be placed until the end of October.

"Blessing the motherland" big flower basket to reproduce the Tiananmen Square feast nineteen

According to the Beijing Municipal Landscaping Bureau of Urban Green Department of the relevant person in charge, in recent years Tiananmen Square and Chang'an Avenue along the layout of the flowers on the theme highlights the "political, capital, people", the form is highlighted the " Characteristics, festivals. " From the beginning of 2011, "blessing the motherland" giant flower basket has been as a square center flower beds, during the National Day gift to the motherland.

This year's large flower baskets to festive fruit basket as the main scene, the basket placed persimmon, pomegranate, apples, and peony, magnolia, rose, etc., since the eighteen, The achievements of the party and the state in various fields have been fruitful. The bottom of the flower beds with heart-shaped pattern, meaning the heart to the party, a symbol of the people of the country closely around the comrades as comrades as the core of the CPC Central Committee, expressed prosperity of the motherland prosperity, thriving good wishes.

Flower basket top 17 meters high, 15.3 meters high basket, the bottom diameter of 50 meters. Basket south of the writing "bless the motherland, 1949-2017", the north side is written "joy nineteen".

In addition, the green space on both sides of the square will be arranged 12 styles, 18 flower balls and 5000 square meters flower belt. Night will also use the light changes, rich night lighting effects.

Chang'an Street along the 14 will be three-dimensional flower beds

This year, along the Chang'an Street will be placed 14 three-dimensional flower beds, show Xi Jinping general secretary series of important speech and the new concept of governance new ideas new strategy, the great achievements made since the 18th show vividly displayed.

East Chang'an Street placed a total of seven groups of flower beds "five in one", "coordinated development", "along the way", "Yangtze River Economic Zone", "ecological civilization", "healthy China", and "China to create"

International Trade Bridge Southwest corner of the flower beds, highlighting the "ecological civilization" theme. Flower beds to the magnificent mountains and rivers of the motherland King, the meaning of green water Castle is Jinshan Yinshan, people and nature in harmony with the beautiful scene.