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European socket standard, how to choose European power socket

  • Author:Selectech
  • Release on:2019-05-23
European socket standard, how to choose European power socket
In 1994, in order to replace more than 20 power outlet plugs in Europe, a common standard for European socket plugs was introduced. At the same time, it meets the standards of the International Electrification Standards Committee. The new European socket and European standard plug are manufactured on the basis of IEc906~I. At the same time, all electrical outlets exported to Europe must comply with the new electrical standards.
The EU EN50075 "plug size standard" is similar to the size standards of Chinese plugs and sockets. European countries also have their own socket standards, such as:
France: NF C61-304, NF C61-303, NF C61-316;
Germany: DIN49411, DIN9406, DIN49446, DIN VDE0620;
Netherlands: NEN1020
Portugal: NP1260, etc.
Common plug types in European countries are:
1, flat diamond plug, 2 cylindrical PIN
2, round plug, cylindrical pin grounding hole

The round plug has two grounding methods, one is a circular grounding hole, and the other is a dedicated grounding hole for a French socket; Figure 2 is a grounding grounding elastic component of a German standard socket.

In addition to German and French power outlets, there are various types of electrical outlets in Europe, such as Danish sockets, Swiss sockets and Italian sockets.

Although there are many types of European sockets, they all have one thing in common, that is, the neutral wire and live wire is a two-round jack (as shown below).

Therefore, a typical European socket is a two-hole socket. If we buy European appliances and want to install a special European socket at home, which type of European socket is good?

1. European standard round power socket
Two N-L wire holes, up and down grounding and shrapnel, usually used in Europe and Germany, are designed to meet European plug requirements.
2. European standard USB socket

                          French socket

                                             German socket

The same is true for two circular sockets with grounded shrapnel, but the advantage is that the socket has a safety guard door that prevents accidental insertion into the child's hand.

In addition, it is equipped with USB port to directly charge USB electronic devices,the Output current is reached 2.1A,reducing the purchase and use of multiple plug chargers.
In fact, the European socket have single USB port or Two USB port that is basically suitable for most European plug types. These two are all good choices.