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Obama as president will be the first country to return home 1/4 police protection row

  • Author:selectech
  • Source:www.electronic-supplier.com
  • Release on:2015-07-25
"Obama's trip to Africa to make themselves look back at the complex." "New York Times" commented on the 23rd of Obama's visit to Africa. The same day, Obama left Washington to Kenya. This is his first visit as president his father's country, Kenya opinion excited even fanaticism, many people sent early "Welcome home," the welcome words.

To ensure the safety of Obama, the Kenyan government will arrive in the US presidential plane and shut down the entire airspace of the departure of the occasion, and the deployment of the national police force in the capital, the streets of Nairobi 1/4 to maintain order.  

Obama ready to usher in this "historic moment very emotional" occasion, some US media "do not play gooseberry to" expose Obama Africa policy, "short", questioned more than six years of his reign was not to Africa, to US-Africa cooperation has brought something much substance, nothing compared to the momentum of China-Africa cooperation. US Cable News Network said, "Obama has missed opportunities in Africa."