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A national martyr 6.1, "Orient Star" seven offerings of the Yangtze River shipwreck

  • Author:Yang Xia
  • Source:Internets
  • Release on:2015-06-07
June 7 morning,dawn quiet serene in the town of Jianli,everyone consciously avoid making noise,because today is the first day of college entrance examination,
But also because it is the seventh day of 6.1 shipwreck.

9:03, away from the city of the Yangtze River, along with the size of the ship whistle sounded, deep beep in Malaysian waters continued to reverberate over the continent,
It endured; yesterday the already sunny sky began to rain, as if God were crying;
Has overall salvage "Eastern Star" under the sun shine in the past are still visible outline of spectacular, but no trace of anger on board.

People stand silent awe shore, the sound of silence in whistle. Tolerance many days of tears finally burst, at this moment, you can only run to tears. It has seven days constantly worried, anxious, hope and despair ......