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Your position:Home > News > Hot News > "Orient Star" ruises Capsizing.....

"Orient Star" ruises Capsizing, the death toll has risen to 431 people

  • Author:Ellen
  • Source:Internets
  • Release on:2015-06-07
BEIJING, June 7, according to CCTV news, the front headquarters held its 14th press conference briefing,the victims have been searched and rescued 431 peoples from "Eastern Star" sinking ,the survivors were 14 people, 11 people missing. 

Some sad segments: Fire officers recalled Search smallest victims' remains: she still held a bag of biscuits in her hand.
"There is no time to fear, just want to get through the cabin with the fastest speed channel, sending bodies of the victims." 7, participate in the "Star of the East" Hubei fire rescue officers and men to the China news agency reporter tells surfaced after the wreck into the cabin to get through the search channel experience.

June 5, capsized five days of "Eastern Star" resurfaced. That evening, Hubei Province Public Security Fire Department mobilized more than 60
Fire officers and soldiers in batches into the hull to rescue clean up, search and rescue.

"Her hand still holds a bag of cookies." Memories found 3-year-old girl through the cabin on the 4th floor, warrior Zhao Xiaoming began to cry.
He told reporters that the girl was flanked by an old man, bending the body, it seems to want to protect the little girl in his arms.

See this scene, repressed grief in the hearts no longer control, site search and rescue personnel tears burst. I can not bear this little body
Longer a trace of hurt, Zhao Xiaoming and his comrades with both hands and gently lifted her carefully sent cabin.