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25th African Union Summit meeting

  • Author:CNTV
  • Source:CCTV
  • Release on:2015-06-15
CCTV Network News (News Network): our station news: President Xi Jinping on the 14th call 25th African Union Summit meeting, held in Johannesburg, South Africa,
To African countries and people warm congratulations to the convening of the meeting.

Xi spoke highly of the African Union in Africa's development, the integration process as well as international and regional affairs play an important role in his message, appreciated the AU issued
"Agenda 2063", sincerely wish the African countries and people on the peaceful development road of national rejuvenation and continue to make greater achievements.

Xi stressed that China-Africa cooperation is not only conducive to their own development, but also effectively promote the unity and cooperation among developing countries. Currently, China-Africa cooperation and win-win and common development welcome
To a historic opportunity, and broad prospects. Later this year, China-Africa Cooperation Forum will be held in South Africa. China will continue to uphold the "real, real, close, sincere" concept. And correct view on personal loyalty, introduce more fit-Africa mutually beneficial cooperation development needs new initiatives to promote China-Africa new strategic partnership to a new level, to better benefit the two peoples.