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Do you need sight or visual field

  • Author:Selectech
  • Source:www.electronic-supplier.com
  • Release on:2015-06-14
Electronic-supplier.com as a leading network and communcation manufacture like network Catt5e patch panel and cable managment ect. always send inspirational essay to encourage everyone,China 24 port patch panel supplier hope everyone to have a nice and pleasure weekend.Our digital hygrometer thermometer with clock warly tips: With energy and better work for tomorrow, pls go to bed early today.

Pls read it: Two wolves came to the prairie.A wolf feel very frustrated, because he could not see the meat, which is the sight; the other wolf is very excited because he knew there is Grass,there will have sheep, which is visual field. The difference between sight and visual field: the visual field go beyond the status quo, people can see their goals in life. Everyone have eyes, but not with good visual field. Every person has the head, but not with the wisdom.

Life,It is a continuous cultivation process! Different point of view, the result is different! Eyes only see the present,Only visual field,you can see the future.