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Laser Level Meter Used Widely

  • Author:David
  • Source:www.electronic-supplier.com
  • Release on:2015-06-14
Our neighbour in same housing estate is decorating their house in recently days. Today, I occasional saw mason Mr.Zhuzhuan Ming is using a laser level meter to measure ground and baseboard height. According to Zhu Shifu speaking,since he use a laser level, Comparing with the traditional methods of the past, not only more accurate measurements, and easier to use. Then let us to know China laser level suppliers supply laser level meter's features:

1, laser level can be measured horizontal is level or uneven etc.
2, The output laser vertical and horizontal dots,some model outpout 2 line or line and cross line ect.
3, The laser level with level bubble, it can measure level of the horizontal plane
4, Level bubble with led lamp  even at night people can also see the level bubble on the laser level
5, laser level can add a magnet for attracting more practical and more convenient.