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How to do SEO optimization

  • Author:Steve
  • Source:www.electronic-supplier.com
  • Release on:2015-06-03
The main job of SEO is by understanding how the various search engines to crawl the Internet pages, how to index and how to determine its search results for a particular keyword ranking and other technologies related to the optimization of web pages to improve search engine Rank, thereby increasing site traffic, and ultimately enhance the ability to sell or promote the ability of the technology site. 

Now Selectech are attending SEO competition with other fifteen company in Shenzhen,our ten keywords for PK is following:
How to do SEO it? With the popularity of SEO into this industry is increasing. Enter this industry, does not mean that everyone can do it, then how do we do it SEO?

SEO is undoubtedly do: Interests + study + Tips + execution

1. Interest

Interests fundamental thing is to do, and this is a common thing in many industries. SEO work is very boring, every day dealing with search engines. Orbit search engine depending on the situation and then make adjustments to the site, but also on the site to analyze and summarize data by an SEO implementation. If there is no interest in starting a good condition, the result is halfway, which is a lot to do before SEO friends Why did you leave one of the reasons the industry.

2. study

We need learn some new knowledges. Because this is a very fast change in the industry, every day something new appear. If we alway stay at the present status, then  we don't need to talk about SEO! Accumulation of new knowledge and learning SEO workers are required to do, because search engines are constantly updated with the SEO industry, and maybe before we understand the concepts and methods of operation, in the near future is misleading. So I want to continue to enrich themselves, to make their own will not be eliminated.

3. Skills

Do SEO in particular to emphasize that not too mechanical. Pour through a lot of things need to be flexible, as long as we change the thinking, find tips not only engage in work efficiency, but also can improve the success rate. SEO operation is not complicated, complex skill that if we are to implement SEO projects. If we also do a word, you need three months, but I have skills of operation as long as a month will be able to achieve their goals, do anything, have to recognize that different people to do, the result may be different, here it leads to the importance of SEO techniques operations, of course, this may require us to concluded that usually operate SEO experience and methods.

4. execution

A good SEO workers need a strong executive power, if we are very interested in XX, but we also want a lot of ways, but is not executed, will it utopian helpful? I believe we all know do SEO requires a strong executive power, and how much it really a lot to enforce it? So this is a top priority.

In a word you want to good at SEO, you have to pay, you have to persist in, No pay,no gains.