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USB charging socket,The Best Wall Outlets With USB Charging Ports,China USB Wall Charger Manufacture

  • Author:Selectech
  • Release on:2019-06-18
USB charging socket that integrates a universal power outlet and a USB power outlet that combines AC and DC power to power GE and USB interface devices.

Today, a large number of small electronic devices, such as cell phones, cameras and mobile entertainment products, are charged via a USB interface, requiring external converters or dedicated dedicated charging devices, as well as USB charging multi-function socket applications to save these conversion devices. Suitable for modern life, making charging easier and more convenient, can save a lot of trouble.
In addition to innovative design, the USB charging multi-function combination socket is stable and of high quality, and can be used in various public and private places of office buildings, hotels, villas, apartments and ordinary families. The USB charging multi-function combination socket is simple to install and can be mounted on a wall or desktop like a normal socket.


Product Features
1, creatively combine the ordinary power socket with the USB DC power socket, no need to carry a USB charger or use a computer USB power supply
2, simple and stylish, suitable for all decorative styles
3, the panel is made of imported high quality PC material, high toughness, strong impact resistance, strong flame retardant performance
4, the socket copper piece is made of high quality tin phosphor bronze, high strength, good elasticity, no deformation, high conductivity
5, TR jack and USB protection door for security protection.
6, socket hole protection door, double protection door design, prevent unipolar insertion, protect family safety.
7, can be equipped with a small power LED charging indicator, can also be used for night lighting LED lights.
8, AC125V rated voltage, 100V-240V wide voltage range, can be used in sync with the world
9, USB output current 2.1A and 4A, intelligently allocates the current required to access the device.

               EU Schuko socket USB Charging 80 type and 86 type

Product parameters
USB output: DC 5.0V / 2100mA / 4000mA
Insertion cycle: > 5000 times
Color: white or black, customizable color
Installation method: wall socket
Product size: US outlet 120 type, Europe socket 80 type and 86 type.

With the advent of new applications such as USB Type-C connectors and USB-PD, users want to get more than 20W of charging power, which can charge devices such as smartphones, tablets and ultrabooks. Higher efficiency and higher power are necessary developments for USB wall chargers.
USB wall chargers will be used more and more widely. When equipped with USB Type-C wall chargers for hotels, airports, cafes, restaurants and homes, we only need to carry a USB Type-C cable, eliminating the need for a variety of chargers.
Now we have added intelligent control for the USB wall socket, which can be connected to GOOGLE Assistant and Amazon Assistant, and can realize smart home control through APP.