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Based on ewelink, we have developed new Smart Home products applications.

  • Author:Selectech
  • Release on:2019-07-20
Based on ewelink, we have developed new Smart Home products applications. Smart wall switch, touch switch, Wifi wallplate.

About ewelink:

"ewelink" is the leading IoT (Internet of Things) solution provider in China, focusing on providing one-stop smart solutions for traditional manufacturing companies through networking modules (covering WiFi / Zigbee / BLE Mesh / NB-IoT / GSM), PCBA solutions "ewelink" global cloud platform, App control terminal, WeChat public number and other core components, significantly reducing the company's research and development costs, cloud platform deployment costs, late user operating costs, to achieve "6 hours to complete the prototype, 7 days into mass production ". With our smart solutions and "ewelink" intelligent cloud platform, partners can enable older hardware to have remote control, timing control, control sharing and other functions to stimulate the potential and value of hardware.

As an IoT intelligent solution provider that actively integrates AI technology in China, ewelink has empowered more than 1,000 hardware brands at home and abroad to help traditional manufacturers explore the potential and value of hardware.
When the user sees the "eWeLink Support" logo, it is not necessary to entangle whether the product is compatible with smart speaker A or smart speaker B. When the product is labeled "eWeLink Support", it means it can be seamlessly compatible with Amazon Echo, Google Home, Google Nest, Tmall Elf, Baidu DuerOS, Keda Xunfei iFLYOS, fluorite and other mainstream AI platforms, ewelink Users can achieve perfect interoperability through simple account binding.
As the logo comment "Works with Everything" said, we hope that ewelink can be interconnected with more third-party hardware and AI platforms to provide users with a better and more convenient operating experience.