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China 5G commercial official launch

  • Author:Selectech
  • Release on:2019-11-01
China 5G commercial official launch

On October 31, at the opening ceremony of China International Information and Communication Exhibition in 2019, a 5G commercial launching ceremony was held, and the door to China's 5G large-scale commercial business was officially opened.

About 5G development: More than 130,000 base stations will be opened at the end of the year.
4G 5G
China has built the world's largest optical fiber and 4G network, and the penetration rate of fiber broadband users and the number of 4G users are the highest in the world. The 5G commercial process is accelerating. It is expected that more than 130,000 5G base stations will be opened nationwide by the end of the year. At that time, 5G mobile phones with USB C port charging will be rapidly popularized.
The next opportunity for the development of the Internet requires new kinetic energy. The emergence of a new generation of technology has spawned the emergence of 5G, and 5G also uses a new generation of technology. Similarly, 5G also supports the development of the industrial Internet, and the application of smart home products will also develop rapidly along with it. Industrial Internet will break through the transmission bottleneck of low latency, high reliability and wide connection due to 5G.
5G conn
5G will drive the trillion market and profoundly change society. At present, super applications have not yet appeared, and the business model needs to be further explored. Operators' joint construction and sharing also faces advantages and challenges.
5G applications
At present, 5G applications for individual users are mainly concentrated in 5G ultra-high definition video, true 4K live broadcast, cloud VR, ultra high definition cloud games, cloud computers, cloud disks and other fields. Video, game depth users, and players who like early adopters.