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Driverless cars core configuration is laser rangefinder

  • Author:selectech
  • Source:www.electronic-supplier.com
  • Release on:2015-08-05
Google's driverless been tested in the road, it looks like we scrapped away their driver's license is a step closer. Recently, Google disclosed some details about its driverless cars, let Google's driverless system a deeper understanding. After finishing, we summarize ten kinds of key technologies, it was that dozens of technology allows Google's driverless as possible, and laser range finder is the primary factor.

Laser rangefinder used not only in the high-tech, but in life, you may need to measure some distances, such as size, the size of the living room bedroom, convenient to buy furniture or beds may well be placed in the room, maybe you need a paragraph portable device, with a look ......

For example, individual users do measurements with a laser rangefinder, the application can be drawn on the precise matching size chart, while business users can achieve on-site measurement applications and offer to make our life and work more convenient to change!