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Infrared Thermometers Work

  • Author:selectech
  • Source:www.electronic-supplier.com
  • Release on:2015-08-19
Understanding infrared thermometer works, technical specifications, environmental working conditions and operations and maintenance is the correct choice and use of user-based infrared thermometer. The optical system to pool their field of view infrared radiation energy, depending on the size of the field is determined by the optical components and the location of the thermometer. Infrared energy is focused on the photoelectric detector and into a corresponding electrical signal. The signals through the amplifier and signal processing circuit in accordance with an algorithm inside the instrument and the target after launch correction into the measured target temperature. In addition, where the thermometer should also consider the objectives and environmental conditions, such as factors such as temperature, atmosphere, pollution and interference effects of the performance and correction method.

All objects above absolute zero temperature are constantly emits infrared radiation energy to the surrounding space. Infrared radiation energy of the size of the object and by distribution wavelength - and its surface temperature has a very close relationship. Thus, by measuring the infrared energy radiated object itself, will be able to accurately determine its surface temperature, which is the objective basis of infrared radiation thermometry is based.
Blackbody radiation law: blackbody is an idealized radiator that absorbs all wavelengths of radiation energy, no energy, and through reflection, its surface emissivity is 1. It should be noted, does not exist in nature really bold, but in order to clarify and obtain distribution of infrared radiation, the theory must select the appropriate model, which is made of a body cavity radiation Planck's quantum oscillator model to derive Planck's blackbody radiation law, that blackbody radiation of a wavelength spectrum indicated that this is the starting point for all the 

theory of infrared radiation, so called blackbody radiation law.
That affects the emissivity of radiation temperature measurement: the actual objects that exist in nature, almost is not bold. All objects in addition to the actual amount of radiation depends on the temperature of the radiation wavelength and the objects, but also with the type of material factors, preparation, thermal process and the surface state and environmental conditions like objects related. Therefore, in order to blackbody radiation law applies to all real objects and materials necessary to introduce a state of nature and surface scaling factor, namely emissivity. The coefficient represents the thermal radiation of the actual object of the closeness of blackbody radiation, its value is between zero and a value less than 1. According to radiation law, as long as know the emissivity of the material, we know the characteristics of the infrared radiation of any object.
Mainly due to the impact of emissivity in yarn: material type, surface roughness, physical and chemical structure and material thickness.
When the measured temperature of the target using infrared radiation thermometer First measure the amount of infrared radiation target in its wavelength range, and then calculate the temperature from the thermometer measured target. Monochromatic radiation thermometer with the band proportional within; proportional to the ratio of the amount of radiation color pyrometer with two bands.
Infrared Systems: Infrared thermometer by the optical system, photoelectric detectors, signal amplifiers and signal processing, display output part composition. The optical system brings together its field of view infrared radiation energy, depending on the size of the field is determined by the thermometer optical components and their location. Infrared energy is focused on the photodetector and converted into a corresponding electrical signal. The signals through the amplifier and signal processing circuit, and follow after the algorithm and the target emission rate in the treatment instrument calibration target into the measured temperature value.