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Morning news in today

  • Author:selectech
  • Source:www.electronic-supplier.com
  • Release on:2015-07-02
1, Obama announced the USA and Cuba to rebuild diplomatic relations, the mutual establishment of embassies in the two countries;
2, Jilin accident, the accident killed 10 people, all Korean local public servants;
3, the police cracked the case of large fake salt: Two tons of industrial salt sold fake salt 7 provinces;
4, three new board accept Guangzhou Hengda football club Taobao listing application to the Asian Football first unit;
5, Shenzhou car is eligible for $ 250 million investment;
6, the Israeli company announced the successful development of a super car charging technology: charge 5 minutes to run 480 km;
7, super-Qi Cheng users can not uninstall the phone is preloaded with APP, Samsung into the hardest hit;
8, ZARA traced to China the world's third most expensive price, South Korea price is the price of 195% native Spanish;
9, millet interested in acquiring foreign media said the Thunder, or its privatization, millet newly appointed CFO, suspected market-ready;
10, Modi microblogging praise "very kind of you," Li Qingsheng to users;
11, the next five years India will invest $ 120 billion development of rail transport;
12, South Korea sign free will China group visa fee: Saving tourism;