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Small plugs major role selling multifunction converter

  • Author:selectech
  • Source:www.electronic-supplier.com
  • Release on:2015-07-18
When they go out with something better. But because there are Android phones and Apple phone, charging cable with two and sometimes much more. And such a situation after the birth of electrical travel adapter is absolutely not the thing.

In recent days, we visited the market, now, with the development of digital products, digital accessories is also developing rapidly, a variety of multi-functional USB converter, charging interface converter came into being to solve a lot of problems, but also to the public bring the convenience.

"When we go out, we finally just need to bring a charge the line." Along the road in the area who lives in the city of Wang Xiang and his wife use the phone, an Andrews, one apple, so charging cable can not share, every time out had with two charging cable, while not a big problem, but there are some problems. However, recently, Wang Xiang conversion interface found this a good thing, direct Ann Andrews data lines will be able to charge its end iPhone, a lot of convenience.

Not only that, I visited noted, now also with the number of converters, such as socket switch USB, a drag three or more USB converter and so on.

"This conversion is convenient accessories, and some look very cute. Just super cool!" Citizen Wang Rui bought a USB Adaptor, she admits can go out with a few things, and my heart really has relaxed a little. "With this converter, not with two plugs, my tablet and mobile phone can be recharged."