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Multi panel embedded F connector 80 type faceplate

Multi panel embedded F connector 80 type faceplate

  • Size: 80*80 mm
  • Color: White
  • Material:ABS
  • F connector
  • RoHS completed
80 type F connector faceplate 
Multi panel can be embedded combinations of various parts 

Product Features:

1.Suitable for various modules and multimedia interface, 

2. Radial appearance makes it more slinky, 

3. Keep logo postion make it easy to identity, 

4. With position of inserted graph and for convenient.

Variety of choices

With the 45 mm bracket


Together with iron or plastic stand,
Panel surface aesthetics without screw holes

You can also select other different accessories brackets into the specifications you need product

Or choose a larger frame and Panel,accessories are the same.

Please tell us your requirements and we will create for you the perfect products.



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