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Travel Adapter Plug SE-MT30Travel Adapter Plug SE-MT30

Travel Adapter Plug SE-MT30

  • * 4 types power plug convert to universal
  •   AC outlet that suites for all kinds of
  •   power plug.
  • * Compact size and fashion design.
  • * Power input/output: 110V - 250V, 10A - 
  •   15A AC.
  • * Nickel plated copper material for excellent
  •   conduction.
  • * Translucent housing.
  • * White box packaging

Travel Adapter Plug SE-MT30

Product Features:
* 4 types power plug convert to universal AC outlet that suites for all kinds of power plug.
* Compact size and fashion design.
* Power input/output: 110V - 250V, 10A - 15A AC.
* Nickel plated copper material for excellent conduction.
* Translucent housing.
* White box packaging
* Warranty period: Six months
* Standard Met CE & RoHS


1. choose the color of the product: "semipermeable blue, translucent orange, black, white, red, yellow, translucent blue ink, the semipermeable light green, translucent dark green, colorless and transparent ... etc.'

2. The product is suitable for  more than 150 countries and regions around the world:
(1)Asia: China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau,              Thailand, Vietnam, etc.

(2), Europe: Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, etc.

(3)Americas: United States, Canada, Brazil, Panama, the claw Guatemala, Mexico, etc.

(4)Australia: Australia, New Zealand, etc.

(5)Middle East: Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Israel, Jordan, etc.

3. the region can't be used: in parts of Africa.

4.The product is suitable for: digital cameras, chargers, personal digital assistant (PDA), CD-ROM     drive, laptop, shavers and other electrical products.

5. Advantages:

      (1) the product is a "three-in-one package, free combination. Anywhere in the world are able to easily connect you carry electrical products, to achieve a true sense of the GSM.

      (2) double flat prongs part, are free to rotate into a parallel or character type (ie: rotating into Japanese, American, or Australian pins).

     (3) jack: multifunction jack, well suited to multi-country plugs; jack at a special security door to prevent accidental electrocution protect the personal safety of users!

7.Voltage: This product can handle 110-240 volts standard voltage, do not have the variable function.

The product is the best companion for travel,  study abroad; gifts the best choice of e-commerce. (Customer specified in the product on the surface of the printed LOGO)


ODM&OEM is welcome as per our MOQ:1Kpcs request. We can customize color and packing,
sticker ect. More details, welcome to contact us! Online customer service for you!

Product Packaging:
CTN QTY : 200pcs/cn 
GW:    21.50 kgs 
N.W.:   17.50 kgs 
Size.:  42.5 * 26.7 * 47.6 cm 

Approval Certification:

Why Choose US :
1.Established in 2005, about 10 years of history;
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